Services Offered

1. Seed Capital Loan (Non-profit)

Seed Capital Loan is the optimal funding solution for entrepreneurs wishing to establish their micro-enterprises. It aims to encourage and motivate Emiratis to do business through funding part of the capital necessary for establishment of new projects or funding the expansion costs or working capital for the existing ones. As an advantage, Seed Capital Loan is a non-profit loan that aims to reduce the initial costs on the borrowers.

Loan value for this scheme ranges from AED 100,000 - 1,000,000.

2. Credit Bank scheme

It's the ideal solution through our partners Banks for scalable small and medium enterprises citizen owners, who aspire to compete and achieve a distinctive niche in the Business and Finance Market. Such loan featured high value for the owners of small and medium enterprises, and the grace period which enables them to cover the costs and make profits other than the reasonable interest rate.

Loan value for this scheme ranges from AED 1 - 3 million.

3. Invoice/LPO Finance

Invoice/LPO Finance is a receivable finance facility between AED 10,000 - AED 1,000,000 that addresses a major obstacle for SME growth in Dubai.

This product is aimed at improving cash flows for SMEs through extending a cash advance facility for payments due in the future. Entrepreneurs fulfilling the eligibility criteria of MBRF can apply for the facility with original invoices and local purchase orders (LPOs) from the supplier.

Funding Criteria

  • Projects/businesses should be 100% owned and managed by UAE national(s). The applicant should provide his/her personal commitment to the implementation and development of an action plan.
  • The applicant should devote time and effort for project management.
  • For Credit Bank Scheme, a business bank account shall be opened for the project/business from the same bank funding is provided from.
  • For the new projects funding, the applicant shall not obtain more than 5 trade licenses in the Emirate of Dubai. In case of existing enterprises funding, the applicant shall not obtain more than 6 trade licenses in the Emirate of Dubai. 
  • Projects that are less than 5 years old.
  • Applicant should be +21 years old.
  • For Credit Bank Scheme, applicant should be less than 65 years old during repayment period.
  • Debt Burden Ratio should not exceed 50% of the total monthly income.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • The project should be established and implemented in Dubai. It may be developed anywhere inside and outside the UAE.
  • Projects in all sectors are eligible for funding, except:
    • Real estate and construction companies
    • Gold Trading Companies
    • Internet cafes.
    • Shisha-featured restaurants and cafes.
    • Cafes and Shops Serving Tobacco
    • Document clearing entities and Brokerage firms
    • Consultancy/advisory firms
    • Public benefit organizations
    • Pets Trading and Services
    • Car Rental Companies
    • Recruitment Agencies
    • Trading in Nationally / Internationally Banned Products
    • Land and real estate businesses
    • F & B
    • Food Trading
    • Beauty Centre and Salons 
    • Other activities not followed by Sharia Compliant.
  • As maximum, a grace period of  24 months may be granted for the funded-projects with 5 years as repayment and settlement period based on the Committee's recommendations.
  • The minimum rate of 20% for financial contribution by the funding applicant shall be specified as per the Investment Committee's decision based on the character of business and risks involved. Such financial contribution shall be paid upon bank's approval on funding the project.
  • Doubtful projects are exceptional cases and deem consideration by the Supreme Funding Committee.
  • A director of operations shall be appointed under funding approval prior to initiating the project's operation.

The targeted projects

  • Innovative ideas which help achieving the strategic objectives of Dubai – UAE or such ideas aim at filling certain market needs in a specific geographic area.
  • Entrepreneurs owing innovated ideas with new experiences.
  • Funding projects in operation for less than 5 years.


To know more about process, eligibility & approval criteria kindly contact The Fund.

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