• Service Description:

    Funding the invoice amount and purchase orders with a value guarantee - without interest. It is considered a way to maintain the companies' liquidity so that the fund finances the value of the invoice or purchase order until the receipt of the goods or service or collection, and the payment is through single bullet payment / installments without any interest according to the term of the contract mentioned in the invoice or purchase orders.

  • Service Structure and Type

    Subsidiary Procedural Service

  • Service Requirements:

    • Copy of National ID.
    • Copy of the Passport.
    • Copy of the Family Book.
    • Company Profile.
    • Copy of the purchase order or invoice to be funded.
  • Customer Journey steps:

    1. Sign up in the Fund's website:
    2. Initial approval of the request and guiding the applicant in submitting the request for funding.
    3. The applicant meeting with the fund team to review the work plan, the financial plan, and related documents.
    4. The applicant uploads the documents through the fund's website.
    5. Field visit to view the existing project (if required).
    6. The applicant signs the financing contract and the payment schedule, in addition to other documents, and obtains copies of them.
  • Service Correlation with Other Services:

    Request for Consultation in Funding

  • Service Limitation

    • Funding Amount: The maximum limit is 1,000,000 dirhams.
    • Grace period: Subject to supplier / customer payment terms
    • The trade license of the company is valid
    • The trade license of the suppler / suppliers is valid
    • The minimum financial contribution of the applicant to the funding shall be 20%.
    • Its assets will be mortgaged to the Emirates Integrated Registries Company (EIRC) for the registration of movable and pledged assets.
    • Submitting single / multiple installment checks + a security check for the finance amount (according to the fund's policy).
    • Signing an agreement with the institution in the presence of a notary public.
    • The company must cover the cost of the notary.

    The company can avail another short-term financing after full settlement of the first short-term financing subject to MBRF’s review & approval

  • Service Provision Channels

    Mohammed bin Rashid Fund for SME Website:

  • Expected Service Completion Time:

    60 Days

  • Expecting Waiting Time:

    30 minutes

  • Beneficiary:

    Individuals Category - New Entrepreneurs from Citizens.
    Members Category - National Projects Owners.

  • Service Fees (if any):


  • Service Delivery Times:


  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the minimum and maximum loan request for invoices and purchase orders?
    The minimum is ten thousand dirhams and the maximum is one million dirhams.

    What are the criteria for obtaining a loan request for invoices and purchase orders?
    The beneficiary shall be a UAE national
    The validity of the Trade license shall not be less than two years and not more than 5 years.

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