Our Vision

To promote investment and encourage innovative ideas.

Our Goal

To invest in SMEs in order to prepare a generation of well-versed Emirati investors in all fields.

What is an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are those people having promising innovative ideas and investment projects which can be small, newly established medium enterprises or early stage existing businesses. In UAE, entrepreneurs made up a large number of ambitious young Emiratis aspiring to independence and self-realization. 

Our Fund

Mohammed Bin Rashid Fund for SME aims to finance innovative pilot projects – both small and medium enterprises - for Emirati investors through dedicated efforts and devoted focus on studying the project and providing appropriate potentials for start-up and expansion.  

At Mohammed Bin Rashid Fund for SME, we not only provide funding but we also make every effort to support the UAE's most promising projects through providing advice, guidance and direction.

Our goal is not just to provide funds, but to prepare a generation of entrepreneurs

Objectives of the Fund

  • The development and care of investment and entrepreneurship among citizens, diversification and development of the local and national economy.
  • Encourage young citizens to enter the entrepreneurial sector, and the creation and ownership of projects to provide jobs for them.
  • Providing financial support to existing projects by the citizens of the state.
  • Provide technical expertise in various fields to support entrepreneurs from the citizens of the state.

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